On the road the again…the travelling digital agency man!


The world is a smaller place today, traditionally geographical limitations no longer exist and in the world digital agency this means you can be working with a company in Norway one day, getting a website brief from a stationary company Washington the next and providing online marketing consultancy to a jewellery company in London the day after (all true scenarios).

No two days can be the same, however in this fast paced world you need to have strong systems in place to ensure you’re never to far away to help a client. On the train the other day I thought what couldn’t Elementary Digital live without (and then thought I’d write about it!), in no particular order of importance our support framework includes:

1. Gmail – forget email servers, Outlook exchange, piggy-backing off your website, the world’s biggest online brand provides, ‘Business Apps’ and perhaps the most reliable email system in the world in the form of ‘gmail’ (you’ve heard of it you say!). A recent convert, team ED have never looked back and no matter where we are, what we’re doing it always works, no more spam, blacklisting just carefree email reliability. The iphone gmail app is pretty good as well.

2. Trello – email is dead, well sort of! Web design, web development, seo, paid search and social needs to be done out in the open, this means ‘collaborating’ with your clients. Trello helps us to organize projects and ensure our clients have complete buy in, transparency and an active part in the work we do. On the train this means I can where all our projects are, what needs to be done and how we can constantly add value to our clients.

3. Basecamp – if Trello helps you keep on track of projects, Basecamp helps you deliver. Setting tasks, interacting in a single space, adding deadlines, Basecamp makes things happen.

4. ED preview server – or live staging server, if you’re on the road you can quickly log in, review progress, make changes and ensure that despite being on the Grand Central to Kings Cross your websites continue to be developed.

A small selection of the ‘cogs’ that keep the SS Elementary Digital afloat and heading for dry land. We’re always keen on finding out about new tools that help the development process and benefit our clients, please let us know if there are any we should consider.


Author Gyles Seward

Gyles is our Managing Director and knowledgeable in all things WordPress.

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