Resurrecting the good ship SEO…


When the going get’s tough the businesses decide to believe that SEO is dead, don’t believe the hype, sure it’s more challenging but so should it be for too long the spammers have dominated and now those that adopt, ‘best-practice’ are enjoying some well earned top of the results space. Anyway we believe in SEO, although we prefer to call it, ‘presence building’ today, this means not only building great content and finding places to place your brand (links) but also practicing some of the following:

Social – gone are the days of understanding what social is used for, now more than ever we can understand that Google uses it to understand people’s opinion about your brand. Don’t believe that social will be your savior (it won’t), believe that it will help you reach your audience and engage with them, with this dialogue comes interaction with your website, brand and the pinnacle of marketing, ‘word of mouth’. Use social to leverage and work with your audience, do this effectively and you’ll have an army of ‘converted’ advocates working to develop your brand.

Lovely content – believe it or not you’re an expert in something, whether it’s your job, hobby or reading articles like this! The internet is all about, ‘fresh’ content, this means something unique and what could be more unique than your individual thoughts…so write about them. Believe that if you write something interesting they will come (they really will), as long as you have perceived authority in your defined area and relevancy to your audience then start typing and put down your ideas, all the while understanding the keywords you want to target.

Links – whilst Google systematically closes down every link loophole they do still play a major factor in search results. We know this from a recent hack we resolved on a WordPress website, to cut a long story short the site had a URL injection and then assembled 10k+ links in the space of a couple of days along with a mighty increase in Google+ followers. The results first page results for a famous brand of shoes. Sure this was a nightmare for our client (although we resolved it quickly), however this proved to our seo team that the power of links is still there. Naturally think before you link these days, but good placement will get you everywhere.

The good ship SEO has not left and we still love being an SEO agency, we say rise to the challenges, listen to the big man (Mr Google) and you can navigate the tricky waters that are organic search.