Restoring the Get Shortlink Button

Restoring the Get Shortlink Button

Johnny Greaves

WordPress shortlinks are a great way to share your emails and Facebook messages. With WordPress 4.4, this was a default feature, however, it no longer is. There is no need to worry though as here we are taking you through step by step how to restore the get shortlink button in your WordPress website.

What Exactly is the WordPress Get Shortlink Button?

If you have a WordPress website, this is a handy feature that you will definitely want to include. The Get Shortlink button will allow you to get a short link to a WordPress page or blog post quickly and with ease. You used to be able to find it located to the right of the permalink which could be found in the post edit screen. However, with recent WordPress updates, this is no longer the case. If you have only recently started a blog, then this feature will not be present as it was taken out after WordPress 4.4.

You will most likely recognise shortlinks and will have used them indirectly before. This is simply shortened version of a link and normally looks something like

If you want to bring this back to your WordPress website or you have recently launched your WordPress website and want to include it, you can easily do so. There are two methods in which you can do this and we have detailed them for you below.

Use WP Bitly Plugin

When adding a get shortlink button, this is the method we would recommend for WordPress websites. This is the easiest option, plus you also have the option to create unique short URLs for your website that are branded.

To do this, install the WP Bitly plugin. Once this has been activated, it will automatically add the Get Shortlink button to your post edit screen. Hit this button and it will display the WordPress post and page shortlink. You can then use this shortlink to share the page or post in emails, messages and even text messages. This gives your users direct access to a specific page.

Manually Add the Get Shortlink Button

While we recommend the above method to add a get shortlink button, you also have the option to do this manually. To do this manually, you will have to implement code add_filter( ‘get _shortlink’, function ($shortlink){return $shortlink;}) ;. This has to be added to the site-specific plug in or the theme functions.php file. This adds a shortlink filter to the Get Shortlink button and you can use this button to get a shortlink for a post or page.

Use either method one or two to enjoy shortlinks being created for your WordPress website.

Johnny Greaves

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