Project Management Tools for Web Designers

Project Management Tools for Web Designers


If you want to get into web design and are looking into doing it professionally, you need to keep up to date with all the latest tools to really stay ahead of everyone else. There are tools to help you manage your time, your team, your designs, emails and your social media marketing. Everything you can think of really.

Here are our top tools for any Web designer.


Want a user-friendly project management tool that will help keep everyone involved on any website project on the same page? Trello! You create cards and assign them to team members. Everyone’s activity can be seen on one screen and people can add comments, share files and also even link Google Apps and Dropbox accounts to it for a complete project hub.


The best know of the project management tools is probably Basecamp. It’s for teams of any size; it’s easy to use, with the ability to have chats with everyone or just one-to-one, upload files, notes, events and more.


If you want to drum up new customers, you need to be sending out emails to get the business. MailChimp is a fantastic tool to help you design and build email marketing campaigns which look good and get you new business.


If you want to design graphics for your site, for social media and for presentations, Canva is a great way to do it easily and quickly. It’s intuitive, allowing you to drag and drop elements so that you can create attractive web elements in minutes.


If you want a way to manage all of your social media profiles from one place, Hootsuite is for you. You can manage Twitter, Facebook and more from the platform, send messages, measure the impact of campaigns and much more.


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