Project Management Tools for Digital Agencies: Here’s how we build your site

Project Management Tools for Digital Agencies: Here’s how we build your site

Andy Holland

There are any amount of dull protect management apps out there. But thankfully finding ones which are user friendly and geared towards more creative types is becoming ever more easier.

All of them, as you can imagine, are centred around making a project run smoothly through tracking activities and keeping close contact with team members. But many have their own individual capabilities and specialities, facilitating everything from bug management and issue tracking, to team collaboration and video conferencing.

Below are several of the tools we use in building your website, covering the three areas of general project management, bug and ticket tracking, and collaboration.

General Project Management Apps


Basecamp is considered by many as the best project management and team collaboration platform available. Any in our eyes, it definitely warrants the title. It’s capabilities are plentiful enough to do without many of the other apps out there: to do lists, message boards, milestones, time tracking, project overviews, commenting, and now in their latest version ‘Basecamp 3’, features such as the ability to send and receive invoices, direct messaging, and an unlimited number of projects.


Although not strictly a project management app, Jumpchart is a great tool for web designers in planning and managing the navigation of a new website. It’s easy to make quick mock-ups with its drag and drop functionality, while also collaborating with team members and keeping track of tasks in the comments.

Bug and Ticket Tracking

16 Bugs

All our projects require bug and ticket tracking. Issues are bound to crop up along the way, and when they do, we need a reliable and user-friendly way of addressing them. 16bugs provides the simplicity a bug-tracking system needs, and is particularly effective due to its colour-coding system to differentiate types of information like updates, comments, and closed tickets.


JIRA is an issue and bug-tracking software that can—with the addition of a few plugins—become so much more. It comes with a ton of great features, and a hefty price tag, but is well worth it for the customisability, workflow mapping, and advanced reporting features.



Communication is key in a digital agency, not only with clients, but between members of different teams within the company. activeCollab is a project management tool that operates much like an online forum. The difference being that it is designed for collaboration and keeping on top of projects. You can set activeCollab up on your own website and use it to—among other things—share files, track time, and export and print files.

From the initial conversations, to delivering and managing the final product, there are a plethora of tools out there which can all play a part in helping digital agencies do their job. And as we are just at the outset of cloud computing and Saas, we look forward to the future of many more to come!