PPC: Hack Your Way Through Geo Targeting

PPC: Hack Your Way Through Geo Targeting

George Stevens

Advertising platforms are continuously updating the services that they provide to make your life easier when geo targeting. While simply targeting a specific region used to be an easy way to improve your reach times have changed. There are many other factors to now take into consideration when creating campaigns. While geo targeting is great for those with a store front, if you are a business offering goods and services that are not within a traditional retail space, this may not be the most effective method.

National vs. Hyper-Targeted Campaigns

Many businesses assume that because you offer services in one region that this is the only region you should target. While you should start with targeting one region, you should then extend your campaign further.  This is titled the ‘embedded negative’ comparable of geotargeting. This is particularly useful to companies who also offer services to tourists who will be at some stage visiting the area.

Average Household Income

Another popular way to improve your campaigns is to target audiences based on their income. This allows you to target those in specific wage brackets based on their presumed average HHI. However, by taking this approach you could potentially be missing out on a large audience interested in your product. To overcome this, visit the ‘location groups’ on AdWords and apply all average income levels to your campaigns at a 0% big adjustment. You can then analyse these figures and decide if you want to optimise your campaigns towards another income group.

Target Competition with Geo Targeting

If you are looking to take the spot in your field or industry, geo targeting will not be enough to place you there. This is when you should begin to research your competitors and target their audience to drive them towards your website instead. This is a great way to target two types of customers. The first is customers who are interested in your product but in the vicinity of a competitor. The second is those who are already inside a physical store but are using their mobile to research prices and reviews. Recent studies have shown that this is something 80% of customers do while out shopping. To do this, focus your campaign on successful non-branded keywords and place geo targeting on competitor addresses.

Targeting Complementary Behaviour

For any business, the big picture should always be to incorporate your product or service into a bigger view. To do this, you can find other complementary services and products to target. For example, a person looking for birthday balloons may also be looking for party plates! To grab these customers, simply include geo targeting on stores or businesses offering complementary services to yours.


The final way in which you can utilise geo targeting is to simply retarget. This simply means targeting those who have previously visited your site and so they see a friendly reminder that your business still sells what they are looking for.

Geo targeting is a vital part of any PPC campaign and adding in these extra strategic layers can make your campaigns far more effective.