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Designed and built in WordPress providing London Apprenticeship with an engaging experience for their fast paced developing market.


Elementary Digital worked closely with London Apprenticeship to understand how their site would be managed then customised WordPress to allow them to easily manage all content on the site.

technical seo

technical SEO

With a long history online, the London Apprenticeship website ranked for a high number of phrases. A comprehensive migration plan was implemented and monitored from launch with minimal disruption to key terms.

London’s Leading Apprenticeship Provider

A pioneer in the apprenticeship market place, London Apprenticeship had established themselves as the leading provider of apprenticeship services in Greater London. However whilst their reputation was well known their website did not reflect their position and with the pending Apprenticeship Levy they needed to refresh their proposition online.

Working closely with Elementary Digital the London Apprenticeship brand has been re-vitalised online with a simpler, more engaging user experience. For the audience the service offer is clearer and delivers our expertise in a more concise manner.

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