Magento 2 Platform

Built on a bespoke Magento 2 skin and using Magento Community, Hellenia’s new website delivers a truly engaging ecommerce experience.


Subscription Products

With a loyal customer base, Hellenia provides the option to order products on a repeat cycle each month.

Amazon Web Services

A Magento 2 website deserves amazing hosting and Hellenia’s infrastructure has been built on a dedicated Magento 2 stack using Amazon Web Services, end result a fast and scalable ecommerce site.

Subscription Service

Looking to create a way to maintain long term relationships with their audience, Elementary Digital designed and built a seamless subscription service for Hellenia. A customer simply finds the product they require, sign-ups for the subscription and each month their order will be processed, payment taken on a repeating schedule and the order is fulfilled through the site. For Hellenia this service is proving invaluable as it builds strong ties with its customer base.

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