Looking to provide visitors with an easy to follow user journey icons were designed and developed to highlight key product information and lead people into key content areas of the site.

Multi-language website

Operating throughout the world the website was built to allow multiple layers of language featured throughput. Using an in-line management approach the web editor can add and manage different language layers in one content management panel.

Dedicated wordpress hosting

Fast, secure and 100% structured around WordPress, Global Navigation Solutions is hosted on a dedicated WordPress Platform powered by WPEngine, the world’s leading WordPress Hosting provider.

The World’s No.1 Maritime Navigation

A truly worldwide business, Global Navigation Solutions needed a website that effectively promoted their class leading products and services. Understanding the dynamics of the global market place for maritime navigation solutions Elementary Digital simplified the brand message and focused on selling the benefits through a more visually engaging website.

Removing complex navigation, multiple layers of content and introducing icon based navigation the website delivers a more engaging, easier to use user experience. An agile project the websites continues to be developed and evolved as visitor and customer data is processed and reviewed.

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