Plugins to help with User Roles and Capabilities

Plugins to help with User Roles and Capabilities

John Hewick

Following on from yesterday’s post about User Roles, today we present some plugins to help you manage them.

Not everyone is a developer, but if you need to work with user roles and don’t know how to work with PHP, you don’t need to panic. There are a number of plugins that you can use which help you to change the settings of the roles and capabilities without having to touch any code.

User Role Editor

User Role Editor is a very popular plugin. It allows you to make changes to the user roles quickly and easily. It’s just a case of selecting the role, then using check boxes to add or remove capabilities from that role. However, you can’t make changes to the Administrator role.

Capability Manager Enhanced

A really simple way to manage capabilities is with Capability Manager Enhanced, where you can add new roles, and change the capabilities of any role.


If you’re looking for a no-hassle way to manage all of your users, roles, and capabilities, then Members might be for you. You can also make your site private or set it to specific people only.

WPFront User Role Editor

You can create, delete, and edit user roles with WPFront User Role Editor. You can also clone roles that you’ve built already and change default role capabilities. If you want to do even more, an advanced version has even more functionality.

User Roles and Capabilities

If it’s just something simple you’re after, then User Roles and Capabilities does just what you want, nothing more. You can add, delete, and clone roles as well as manage the capabilities although as this is a tiny plugin, you can’t delete default roles or modify the administrator role in any way.

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