Planning the Christmas Marketing Push

Planning the Christmas Marketing Push


The nights are drawing in and the rain hasn’t let up in a few days, but there’s still plenty of time until Christmas, right? Well, no, not if you work in marketing or if you’re thinking about selling your products for the festive period. People need to plan far in advance to be sure that they are prepared for the Christmas rush.

Here are our tips for planning your Christmas marketing strategy.

Get to grips with your CRM

Shoppers get bombarded with marketing messages during the festive season. One way to ensure that your message can cut through the noise is to manage your CRM early. Get a good record of all of your customers and then analyse it. Start to get a feel for the messages that excite your consumers. What emails will they open? Which offers get the most traction?

If you engage with shoppers earlier, there is more chance of them responding, and more chance that they will become brand advocates for you in the festive period.

Solve your shoppers’ problems

Christmas is notoriously stressful for people, with long lists of presents and foodstuffs to buy and even longer queues.

If you can convince shoppers that what you are offering will save them time, effort and will stop their stress levels reaching heart-attack point, you’ll see your campaign do well. Consider an app aimed at simplifying lists or a microsite that has an interactive section which allows shoppers to view your products and see how they can help them with their time and stress levels.

Keep shoppers up to date

Christmas is like a hard sprint for retailers, but the months leading up to it are more of an endurance event. To make sure that you are reaching shoppers in the lead up, you should vary your messaging over the months, keeping it relevant to both the time period and to a shopper’s needs. Plan the sales funnel and see how each step of your marketing strategy can enhance the message that you are trying to send, from a customer’s initial acquaintance with your site to the final sale and beyond.

Keep it simple

There are so many different marketing strategies. Remember at Christmas shoppers want to do things that are easy and simple, so make sure that what you are offering is easy and simple. Use strong, bold messaging with simple calls to action that will make a shopper want to do as you suggest.

Position yourself differently

Christmas advertisement follows a similar pattern each year. Traditional Christmas marketing messages can be overlooked, with everyone producing the same sort of content. Instead, you should consider trying something different.

For example, Xbox used the chatter about the end of the world in 2012 to create a campaign based around the theme of apocalypse. This campaign was very well received and created a huge buzz around the brand.

The most important thing to remember with Christmas marketing is to plan early and plan simply. That way, you can please your customers and not start to panic about your messages when the first snowflakes fall from the sky.


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