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Introducing our Paid Search services – with a Google Adwords Qualified Individual! We can incorporate this service into your Organic search campaign as required. Quick, effective and ultimately quantifiable, many agencies will tell you paid search is a guaranteed way to the top of the search results and will deliver you with an endless stream of traffic and enquiries.

At Elementary Digital we won’t deny this, indeed we’ve achieved some pretty amazing results for our clients, but we take a more progressive approach that uses real-time data, conversion tracking and landing page analysis to evolve campaigns…we don’t simply up the bids (unless needed). This way we ensure our client’s budgets work harder whilst delivering high levels of conversions.

Why should I use Paid Search or PPC?

Quite simply it will give you presence straight away and with search engine optimisation taking up to six months (and beyond) to rank for keywords it provides a route to market that no other tools can. However the development and management of a campaign isn’t as simple as it once was. First of all you need to think about which networks to use, will it be Google Adwords, the biggest but most competitive, Facebook or even Bing? Then you’ve got to develop a series of adgroups with ads, keywords and bids to set up.

Believe us it can be a real minefield and often we are called once a client has tried to use the paid search systems. We are Google Adwords qualified (indeed one of our team worked for Google!) and we have campaigns running across multiple systems delivering clicks each and every day.

Why work with Elementary Digital Paid Search team?

We won’t bamboozle you with science and hearsay, instead you’ll get good plain talking and commercially focussed thinking. We really do practice what we preach as we run successful campaigns for our clients (which we’re happy to share with you) and we adopt a methodology that means you have great presence without the inherent cost. Why not challenge the ED team?

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