Our Favourite Magento Extensions

Our Favourite Magento Extensions

Alex Rhodes

When it comes to designing and building an online store, with a vast array of extensions available Magento is the go-to for e-commerce business.

Here we pick some of the best for you.

  • Photo Gallery & Product Gallery 

It isn’t enough to have images of your products on their relevant pages. For example, if your products are customizable you need to be able to demonstrate that.

Photo Gallery & Products Gallery will not only let you create multiple galleries, it supports multi store arrangements and also has some very useful settings for SEO.

  • CreareSEO 

Magento does come with some SEO friendly options out of the box, but really SEO is so important it is worth the time to discover this extension. Also, it is not only free, but comes with basic support.

CreareSEO helps you organize structured data, with breadcrumbs schema, social media card markup and product data. You can also resolve duplication issues with canonical URL redirects, unique category headings and noindexing category filters. You can also speed up things by editing your .htaccess file directly.

  • M2E Pro

If you are wishing to make the jump from eBay or Amazon to your own website, you still won’t want to abandon those two big revenue sources altogether; at the same time you won’t want to end up paying extra fees for channel management. With M2E Pro you won’t have to.

This powerful free extension enables you to set up channels including eBay and Amazon, and will modify your stock levels according to any sales made, essentially making Magento your stock management system for everything you do.

It isn’t perfect; the upgrade process between versions isn’t great, and it also takes some time to get used to the system. On the other hand there is a great level of free support, and as the extension matures we expect it to extend its capability to most on line sales platforms, if they are not on there already.

  • Blog Pro 

Blogs are ever more important in e-commerce. They enable you to show off new products, announce offers and share tips and reviews. You can also offer competitions and run the type of content that search engines love, driving visitors to your site.

However, Magento doesn’t come with even a basic blogging system.

By adding an extension like Blog Pro it is easy to deliver this kind of content.

Unfortunately it isn’t a free extension, but with plenty of users and a host of positive reviews, Blog Pro is clearly a solid extension and well worth adding.

  • Verified Reviews Integration

A superb free extension, Verified Reviews Integration will email your customers after a set amount of time specified by you, to request reviews of your website, service and products. You will be able to then display your feedback publicly, something becoming increasingly vital within e-commerce. People want to see other people’s experiences, and this extension will almost certainly boost sales. It could also help improve your reach, because it offers opportunities for your customers to share their experiences on various social media platforms.


These are just some on the many extensions available for Magento. Used wisely, they will enable you to turn an average website into a powerful hub of e-commerce.

Image credit: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Side_of_the_Moon#/media/File:Optical-dispersion.png (CC BY-SA 3.0)