Opt-in forms for e-commerce websites

Opt-in forms for e-commerce websites


Beyond the first sale, it can be difficult for e-commerce businesses to get the customer to return within the first year. Establishing trust can be tricky, especially when you are physically disconnected from the customer.

According to research from RJMetrics, just 32 percent of customers studied placed a second order with an e-commerce business during the first year.

E-commerce businesses face a number of challenges in bringing the customer back to make their next purchase. Making use of opt-in forms is vital for building engagement and can help attract customers back to your site through promotional material such as new products or newsletters.

If you are looking to increase engagement and drive more sales, here are a number of opt-in forms to help you on your way.

End of Funnel Opt-in

This opt-in form is presented to your customer either during account creation or the checkout process. The aim is to encourage customers to sign up for newsletters, offers and promotions. You customer would have already provided a wealth of information, so the process of opting in is as easy as ticking a box.

If the cart is abandoned then you can try to reach them again with cart abandonment emails.

Exit Intent Pop-Up

Pop-ups can be annoying and people aren’t all that keen on them, however, they do have their uses.

Richard Lazazzera of online e-commerce incubator A Better Lemon Stand reported that “In one test from AWeber, pop-ups drove 1,375 percent more email captures versus a sidebar opt-in form.”

If a customer is intent on exiting the website, a non-intrusive targeted message will incentivise them to subscribe and return at a later date. Offer a personalised voucher or promotion straight to your customer’s inbox to lure them back and make a purchase.  This is a common tactic used by most large e-commerce stores.

Opt-in Landing Page/Homepage

Landing pages and homepages are a good source for lead generation. Add a simple form either at the top or footer of the page to capture customer information. Create a strong call to action and entice them with promotions, exclusive discounts, news and other subscriber-only offers.

Clutter on a website doesn’t look pretty and can easily confuse your customer so think carefully about where you position the opt-in form. Try to include it above the fold so it is one of the first things you see when they land on your page.

Push Notifications Opt-in

Push notifications are a powerful way to reach your customer and can increase your sales. They have proved successful on mobile devices and can also generate great results for desktop websites too.

Desktop usage accounts for 42 percent of total web traffic so this is one opt-in everyone should be using.

Once your customer has consented to push-notifications, they will start to appear in real time even if the browser isn’t open. The notification will take them back to a specific URL which will enable you to drive traffic back to any landing page you like.


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