Online PR – What Is It And Why Is It Important In 2014?


Whether you’re a large organisation, or a small newly start-up, chances are you have had some experience in PR, or at least heard the phrase and have an understanding into what it means. That’s why social media optimisation, social media marketing, blog marketing all fall under the heading of ‘Online PR’ – to give clients an understanding into what it means.

So what does online PR consist of? We’ve put together the key areas of focus:

  1. Research: Market research is crucial at the start of an online PR strategy. Who are the big influencers in your industry? Who is discussing your brand? Who is discussing your competitors? These can be anything from Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, forums and blogs. Keep them all on record and keep this list up to date.
  2. Make contact: Build relationships with influencers, find out why the link to certain websites and articles. Gain a better understanding of what they are talking about, so you can begin to tailor your content.
  3. Content: Content marketing was a popular topic in 2013 – and this hasn’t changed going into 2014! Content needs to be relevant and of interest to influencers at target websites, who will then hopefully write about the content, or link to it from their own website.
  4. Expand: Start targeting your audience directly. Where do they spend time online? What are they interested in? How can you be featured on those sites?
  5. Keep up to date: Monitor for keyword mentions, brand names in your industry, changes in your industry. As soon as you see something respond, whether positive or negative, a quick response strategy will expand your online PR strategy.