What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

What is Omni-Channel Marketing?


There’s a new marketing term in town and it is sweeping across the nation as we speak. Spelled either omni channel, omnichannel or hyphenated as omni-channel, while the battle for the grammar is still being waged, the meaning of the term is clear.

Omni means universal or all. Unlike multichannel which means many, or cross channel which means across channel, this is a clearly defined proposition unlike what has come before it.

Omnichannel marketing is about creating a marketing message which transcends the boundaries of user’s experience whether through online, in store or mobile. It is about creating a single experience no matter how the marketing is performed.

Think about it. Today while we can access information at the drop of a hat from almost anywhere in the world, there is still a disconnect when it comes to the shopping experience. A customer can go online, find pair of shoes, save them, go to try them on in store only to find that they aren’t in stock, then go out and try and recreate them in another store, buying something close, but not quite what they wanted.

Omnichannel takes advantage of the fact that shoppers browse online. It uses new technology such as social media and NFC to create a shopping experience which starts when the customer first expresses an interest in ‘brown boots’ when sitting at home on their tablet and continues it across town to store, helping brands to identify who wants what and how to offer it to them at the right time in the right place.

Think about how social media has affected the world. Brands that initially refused to engage have fallen by the wayside or have come into line. It has revolutionised marketing. So too will omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel marketing is the future of marketing.


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