New Features of WordPress 4.6 Pepper

New Features of WordPress 4.6 Pepper

Andy Holland

Ever heard of Frederick ‘Pepper’ Adams III? The legendary musician and baritone saxophonist has been honoured in the latest version of WordPress. It’s an odd sentiment, but as with many developments from the WordPress team it somehow works.

Maybe their trying to liken the smooth and harmonious tones of jazz with the effortless ease of using this CMS. Either way, the new WordPress 4.6 ‘Pepper’ brings some exciting improvements while retaining all that WordPress goodness. If you’ve been avoiding that ‘update’ button in your dashboard, it could be time to make the plunge. For those not convinced, take a look at some of the new features of WordPress 4.6 Pepper below.

Faster updates for plugins and themes

Installing, updating and deleting plugins just got a whole lot easier. Following on from developments in 4.2, this version is faster than ever before. What’s more, you won’t have to sit and watch a progress screen every time a new plugin or theme is installed. Instead, you can navigate your site as normal, saving valuable time for other important tasks.

Use of native fonts

The new WordPress now utilises the fonts that you already have which can increase loading speed while allowing for a much greater choice. In the past, Open Sans was the dominating font but it’s now native ones which have re-emerged after extensive improvements on mobile and other handheld devices. Using them can give a sense of consistency which is key to show stopping design.

Spellchecker for links

One of the smartest features of 4.6 is the ability to detect broken or incorrect links. After having used the insert link button, a red dotted line similar to the spell checker alert will be displayed on any links with incorrect syntax. This can avoid the sort of miscommunication to visitors which could be penalised by the search engines. Hopefully, we can expect more intuitive features like these in the future.

Added reassurance

We’ve seen continuous improvements to content recovery in recent years. This latest update is no exception. Once again, WordPress have shortened the time between each ‘save’, now at less than 15 seconds. It makes recovery much easier and takes all the panic from those moments when you thought all was lost.

For the developer

There’s been some considerable improvements to the technology under the hood. Resource hints is one such example, a handy feature which chooses which resources to call upon and reprocess. They have been added to styles and scripts which should have a noticeable impact on speed. Developers will also notice that the Meta Registration API is now capable of supporting more types and descriptions, as well as REST API visibility.

Finally, you can expect more robust requests thanks to the HTTP API which now makes use of the ‘Requests’ library. This facilitates HTTP standard support, parallel HTTP requests and the creation of case-insensitive headers. All in all, it should streamline your efforts on WordPress.