Need Some Website Inspiration


It is very likely that you understand the importance of having a business website. You probably realise that your customers spend considerable amounts of time surfing the web. And you might be aware that your most direct rivals already have established sites. However, you may be struggling to think of ways to make your website stand out. Thankfully the team at Elementary Digital have come up with some truly inspiring tips.

Consider Other Websites

It would be worth creating a list of your favourite websites. Then ask yourself why these sites are so successful. Have the webmasters taken the time to ensure that the navigational process is simple? Have they uploaded original blogs and videos? Could you use the same kinds of tactics when building your website?

View Some Works Of Art

If you’re unsure of the colours that combine particularly effectively then it would be worth having a look at a selection of paintings. Consider the ways that artists such as Dan Keough and Vincent Van Gogh used colours to accentuate the appeal of their works. Think about the great variety of attractive colours that you could use when developing your website.

Listen To Some Music

It is widely acknowledged that music can be a great source of inspiration. You might find that that the creative juices flow while your listening to compositions by Ludovico Eiulnadi or Philip Glass. Or perhaps you’ll find motivation in the music of Massive Attack and Daft Punk.

Go For A Walk

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time worrying about impending deadlines and staring at the dreaded flashing cursor then it might be best to take a brisk walk. You might find that you’re struck by a sudden flash of inspiration while listening to bird song or observing the seasonal colours.

Have A Conversation

It would be a good idea to have a chat with a trusted friend about the project that you are working on. You’ll find that they are able to offer a fresh perspective and help you to come up with some great ideas.