Need an enterprise level CMS? Chose WordPress

Need an enterprise level CMS? Chose WordPress

Since its release in 2003 WordPress has become the most popular content management system in the world. Over that time it has also evolved to become a strong contender as an enterprise-level CMS. Here we outline some of the features that make it suitable for large businesses.

Publishing Tools

Supporting a large variety of publishing features, WordPress is a powerful tool. Create drafts, schedule publication times, make your content public or private, chose secure posts and pages with a password, then examine your revisions. Your content will be published exactly as you wish.


Available in more than 70 languages, WordPress is truly multilingual. If you are a multinational company this can be incredibly important, and if you have overseas customers this can expand your reach beyond just the English speaking world.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays people access websites from any number of devices, and WordPress is mobile friendly front to back. Not only does this mean that your site will be optimised for the maximum range of customers in a wide range of circumstances, it also means that you will be able to manage your site from your own phone.

Great SEO

SEO has always been a major consideration for WordPress. Permalinks, auto-generated URLs and META data control combine with plugins (such as Yoast’s SEO plugin) to make WordPress a strong SEO search marketing tool.

Multi-site Management

WordPress can easily be arranged to organize a network of websites. With the introduction of multi-site capabilities WordPress is fully enterprise ready, allowing for the use of sub-domains, sub-directories and domains within a network. Central management will streamline any operation saving time and money.

Application Development

Web developers love WordPress as it is first and foremost a platform for them. You can use WordPress to build your own applications, which you can tailor to your own specific needs, meaning that WordPress offers the type of customization that is only limited by your imagination!

Feel Secure

WordPress takes security very seriously indeed. As any business knows, security is vital not only for you, but for your customers. WordPress offers a range of security precautions and plugins that can beef up your security, limiting your vulnerabilities to risk.

If you ensure that you keep your system up to date, limit access, and of course regularly back up your data, you will limit your exposure to security threats.

Great User Experience

WordPress is easy to learn and use, but also offers a great platform for people with a large amount on knowledge in web development. The community support network can help resolve any issues you may have, and you can scale your website(s) to suit your needs, meaning that if your business is growing, your website can grow with it.

Whilst WordPress isn’t the one stop shop for every single enterprise, it is reliable enough and powerful enough to be suitable for almost any enterprise. It is highly adaptable, and can meet most needs with ease.