Multi Channel Sales Integration with Magento & M2E Pro


Many small businesses today start off with an Ebay store, or selling on Amazon. You may be among them, having built up business and planning how to continue growing.

As you’ve increased business there are two major issues you’ve probably started to deal with:

1)   The payment fees start to become increasingly objectionable. They wouldn’t be anywhere near as high if you accepted payments through your own site.

2)   How do you start to sell on other websites and keep track of stock? If you’ve done well with Ebay it’s only sensible to want to add Amazon, Play, etc.

Whilst there are good multi channel solutions out there to help you maintain stock levels across different merchants it doesn’t address problem 1) and indeed will almost certainly incur more fees!

The Solution – A Magento Website Using the M2E Pro Extension

By deciding to use Magento to create your very own e-commerce store you’ve taken the first steps towards lowering your dependency on the big merchants. You also have a system that is not just very powerful and flexible out of the box, but is extensible to provide new functionality.

Enter: M2E Pro.

M2E Pro is a completely FREE extension available to the Magento Community that allows you to sell on Ebay, Amazon, Play and Rakuten. The extension is under constant and continual development with new versions available fairly regularly. These improve the listing process, efficiency and sometimes add new marketplaces to sell through.

With this extension in place Magento will become your inventory manager – M2E Pro will work with notifying it of channel sales. These channels sales now become an opportunity to move customers over to your site. You should be aware of any particular terms and conditions, but it’s usually ok for example to include a business card with a discount for orders through the site.

Any drawbacks?

Unfortunately you may struggle if M2E Pro does not yet support your channel. Though it could be an option to add an extension for your channel of choice.

The other issue is M2E Pro has a bit of a learning curve for new users and it can be very temperamental during upgrades (always have back ups handy!). Happily, we can help! We are adept at making Magento Websites, we know how to market them and we have experience with M2E Pro too. If you need a hand just give us a call!