Mobilegeddon – the story a week on

Mobilegeddon – the story a week on


So Google rolled out a new algorithm update a week ago and as usual the internet broke down sobbing into its collective mug of skinny soy latte about how this mobile-friendly update was going to change the face of SEO forever.

But has it?

Google confirmed rollout of the update on the 21st April. Shifts began to occur as quickly as Wednesday 22nd April – but these weren’t particularly significant. A few SEO metric agencies have been tracking the update and have not seen any seismic changes occurring over the past week. It can take about two weeks for any significant changes to be noticed so there may be still something to come, but so far, not too much.

Moz’s SEO expert-in-residence Dr. Peter Meyers has kept a log tracking any changes to mobile search engine results page and while Wednesday 22nd April did see some shift, it’s all settled down, like a gentle wave over a sandy beach.

There were some winners and losers though. Reddit and Vogue appear to have gone down somewhat, whereas TV Tropes and Wired have gone up. It’s not that surprising – any avid redditor will tell you that browsing from mobile on the site can be pretty difficult.

Whatever the case may be, it’s definitely time to think about how you can make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. The shift to mobile is a trend that has rapidly outdone itself every year and looks set to keep on growing at a phenomenal pace, whether for general web stuff, social media or ecommerce.

If you’re worried that you just aren’t ready and have found Mobilegeddon has got you running scared, talk to Elementary Digital today about how we can help set your mind at ease with a responsive site.