Migrating From WordPress to Magento

Migrating From WordPress to Magento

It is increasingly important to have a highly responsive website; the world of e-commerce becomes more and more competitive every day. 47% of web users will abandon an unresponsive website in just two seconds, and 44% of online consumers will tell people about a bad online experience. Therefore it is vital to make the best use of the tool available.

Since its creation in 2003, WordPress has come a long way. It’s easy to use, free, highly customisable and is constantly tested and updated. But it’s by no means perfect. When it comes to e-commerce, Magento has a much more powerful product inventory system, ideal for your products – content, invoices, cart/checkout/payment gateways, accounts and emails.

The answer is to get the best of both worlds. Use WordPress as a frontend, but migrate your inventory content and functions to Magento, which you will use as backend. For example, you will probably want to continue to utilise the great out of the box SEO of WordPress, the flexible plugins and WordPress’s blog functions; equally, using the product inventory system of Magento will enable your website to become more efficient. This means your site will be easier to use, resulting in happier customers.

With a plugin such as MWI Plugin you will be able to make use of Magento’s functions and classes within a WordPress template. This makes for a more responsive website, with better search pages that look for products, posts, custom posts and pages, depending upon the query.

There are also great plugins available that deal specifically with integrating WordPress with Magento, such as FishPig’s Magento WordPress Integration. This is a free extension that doesn’t require you to carry out any core file modification, making it a quick and painless process.

By migrating some of your content and functionality to Magento you can continue to use WordPress, with all its accessibility, flexibility and ease of use, but also get the best bits of Magento, to build a fluid, efficient and highly powerful website.

Author Gyles Seward

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