Migrating from Big Commerce to Magento

Migrating from Big Commerce to Magento

Andy Holland

Migrating from one e-commerce platform to another may seem like a large task, but there are ways to do it easily and painlessly.

Magento is the world’s leading e-commerce platform and it’s easy to see why. It is open source, secure, comes with vast functionality and has the ability to have much more with its comprehensive range of extensions.

You can move your store over from BigCommerce to Magento using the Cart2Cart extensions. It only takes a few hours and everything is transferred across, including customers, orders, reviews, images – all of the data that you need.

Because Cart2Cart is an automated extension, you don’t need a vast technical understanding. All you need is the extension, the relevant information from BigCommerce and Magento – along with a knowledge of what data you want to transfer and voila! You can start the transfer!

If you just have a small store, the transfer can take a matter of minutes.

If you are worried about potential data loss, you don’t need to be. Everything is included, from categories, products, images and your related products, customers, plus any orders with no loss or unnecessary data duplication.

Cart2Cart works on a pay-as-you-go model which means you only pay for the data that you want to transfer.

There is phone, ticket, and chart support to help you with the process.

Another option is the litextension, which offers a similar range of features to Cart2 Cart.

Remember of course – run your backups for extra peace of mind when migrating your store from one platform to another.