Mastering social media as a small business


If you’re not already on social media as a business then what are you waiting for? The time is now.

The prevalence of social media sites has never been bigger and so getting the word out about your business has never been easier. It would seem that more and more business marketers are dedicating time to social media networking. 10 minutes a day will get you far – this is the small amount of time that 60%* of small businesses are now doing.

Your social media experience can help your business reach out to people and other businesses who wouldn’t have necessarily noticed you otherwise. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all good places to begin. If you’ve never used them before, don’t worry – they are extremely user friendly, you can’t go wrong! Potential customers like the interaction from social media sites. As well as having customer telephone helplines, many large businesses aide their customers via social media!

When making a purchase, many online users will buy from a retailer they have seen on a social media site, or will research them beforehand. A lot of social media users will use businesses that they are connected with. The more people you have ‘following’ or ‘liking’ your business, the greater the amount of traffic will be generated on all social media sites.

To help you get off to a bold start, here are some tips on using social media as a small business:

  • Ask questions: This will keep your audience engaged and allows for discussion around your feed.
  • Make the right choice: Use the social media sites that will best propel your business through accessing the target audience.
  • Keep it simple: Only use a few sites so you don’t lose track of your goals for your social media marketing.
  • Engage the audience: Share interesting and valuable information. Post photos about your business and make it as personal as you can.
  • Peak traffic is best: Share your content at times of peak traffic to your target audience.
  • Feedback: Get some feedback from your social media site and use it accordingly.

*All statistics from Plascester and MarketMeSuite