Marketing on Reddit – Do’s and Don’ts

Marketing on Reddit – Do’s and Don’ts


‘The Front Page of the Internet’ isn’t a place for marketing. At least, not the conventional methods that may generate results on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Reddit is a very different arena with a certain ‘reddiquette’ to follow. If you’re struggling to market yourself or brand, take a look at these do’s and don’ts.

Don’t market

For the marketeer, this tip can be a difficult one to digest, but those businesses which avoiding marketing tactics often get the most impressive results. Why is this? Reddit users are notoriously good at sniffing out self-promoters. They’ll humiliate those businesses who attempt to push a product or service and down-vote them into obscurity. Fear not though, there is subtle ways to market without marketing.

Do add value

It’s important to add value with content that entertains and educates. Rather than posting self-promotional memes or brash advertisements, provide information on a topic in your sector. If you operate in the food industry, why not share your knowledge with some easy-to-follow recipes? Are you a budding fashion designer? Create a post explaining the process of designing something from concept through to completion. These sorts of in-depth and well-written posts are much more likely to be upvoted than one-liners or images.

Do use subreddits

In order to keep posts relevant, it’s important to post only to a niche audience. In this way, you’re content will be acknowledged by those that have an interest in your business or sector. With that said, you’ll want to make use of one of the thousands of subreddits. Do you research and find which ones could bring the best results. Study the audience in these subreddits and start tailoring content to these potential new customers.

Don’t overdo it

Redditors can be very sensitive to those users which over post, especially posting links to another site. Regardless of your newfound success on Reddit, don’t be tempted to overdo it. In other words, if you have recently seen success from posting a link in a subreddit, wait at least 2 weeks before posting another link in that subreddit. This should be long enough for users to forget about your last ploy at self-promotion.

Do opt for gold

For a little over £25 you can become a gold member entitling you to heaps of additional features. Some of the best for businesses include the ability to categorise and save old posts, highlighting which comments are the newest since the last time you viewed a thread and filtering subreddits more effectively. It makes it that much easier to keep track of all your marketing efforts. As this gold status shows up on your profile, Redditors will also appreciate knowing you’re giving back to the community.

Do subscribe to threads

Lastly you’ll want to keep an eye on as many threads as possible which can done via the Reddit Enhancement Suite. Following a community or topic which is relevant to your business can provide great insights. For many businesses on Reddit, this brings way more advantages than posting and sharing content. Learn more about trends, dislikes and likes within a sector and you’ll have some powerful market research to carry though to other strategies implemented elsewhere.