Managing WordPress Notification Emails

Managing WordPress Notification Emails

Stuart Holmes

Are you looking to make your WordPress comment notification emails more effective? Comments can drive the discussion and user engagement on blogs, but this is no use if your users cannot stay up to date with all of the latest interaction on your site! WordPress needs to improve its notifications on comment activity. However, there are a few things that you can do to better manage your WordPress comment notifications and boost the user activity on your site. Below, we discuss a few ways in which you can do this.

Why You Should Make Adjustments to the WordPress Comment Notification Emails

On any WordPress website, the comments section is incredibly important. This is particularly true for new websites and blogs. The more comments you are receiving, the more engaged your audience is and this will then hopefully mean even more page views and income!

The problem with WordPress is that its comment notification system is quite limited and so only the site administrators and the article authors will be notified of any interaction. If you would like your users to get notifications on comments that they like, or replies to comments that they have left, there are a few things you can do on WordPress to achieve this.

WordPress Default Comment Notifications

When using WordPress, the only option you have is to send email notifications to you if a new comment is published, or if a comment has to be approved. These notifications are sent to the site administrator. The post author will also receive notifications about new comments.

Is My Comment Approved?

With WordPress, you can use the Comment Approved plugin to notify users when their comment has been approved. When leaving a comment, users will have the option to check this option. You also have the option to customise email messages sent to users once their comments have been approved!

Subscribing to Comments in WordPress

To allow your users to subscribe to comments, whether they have left one themselves or not, you will need to download the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin. If you want to give users the option to receive notifications only on their own comment and not for the whole article, then you can do this too. This uses the same plugin, but you must say yes to the ‘Advanced Subscription.’

Custom Comment Notification

You also have the option to create tailored comment notifications in WordPress. To do this, download the Better Notifications for WordPress plugin. You will then need to visit Notification and Add New. Here, you can customise the email sent by WordPress and add custom tags.

Fixing WordPress Email Issues

The above steps won’t be of much help if your WordPress site is not properly sending email notifications. To improve deliverability, download the WP Mail SMTP plugin. You can then visit WP Mail SMPT under Settings. Here, you can use SMPT to deliver emails which is far more reliable than the default WordPress method.