Managing Online Bookings in WordPress

Managing Online Bookings in WordPress

Rodger Davies

Do you have a business in which people make bookings online through your website? Many businesses need an efficient booking system to effectively run their business and manage their customers. Here, we are taking you through how you can manage online bookings in WordPress effectively with StartBooking

How to Manage WordPress Online Bookings with StartBooking

If you don’t already use StartBooking, the first thing you need to do is visit their website to create your account. If you are just starting out you can use the free plan, however, they will charge you for their other plans. You will then be transported to your account dashboard where you can click on your account name and access the settings page. On the settings pages, you can select the ‘hours’ button and then start logging your business hours for each day.

What’s cool about using StartBooking is that you can also keep track of your staff shifts. You can add your staff by visiting the users section under account settings and here you can edit the hours, notifications and role for each user. You can add in the different multiple services that customers can book.

On this new service page, there is a space for you to add the title and description for the service offered. It is here that you can also put in other information about the service such as the cost, duration and the member of staff assigned to this booking. You can then hit Add Service to save the changes and you can repeat this process as many times as is necessary to add in all of your services on offer.

Connecting StartBooking with WordPress

Once you have your StartBooking account set up, you will then need to connect this to your WordPress website and you can do this through the WordPress booking plugin. Go to WordPress and install this plugin. Once activated you will be presented with a new menu named Booking. Click on this to go to its settings. Hit the Connect My Account button and then use your StartBooking details to sign in. this automatically creates a new page on your WordPress website and it will have the online booking short code in it.

After clicking on the View Page link, you can check out your online booking system in action. If your business offers multiple services, then users will be able to see theses and choose what one they want before hitting Continue. They can then provide their contact info and save the appointment.

StartBooking will then send a confirmation email to customers and the staff member assigned to this booking will also receive an email about it too.

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