Make Your WordPress Website Super Fast – A Strong Foundation

Make Your WordPress Website Super Fast – A Strong Foundation

Andy Holland

Your WordPress website should be delivered in an instant. It will help keep a user’s interest if your pages load quickly. 47% of people expect site loading times of two seconds or less according to a 2009 Akamai study – and other studies show this time reducing as the years go by.

To ensure that you are getting the site speeds that you need, you must ensure that your site has a basic structure which makes it quick. A swollen theme will soon have a detrimental impact, as much as a server that isn’t pulling its weight.

So what are the basics when it comes to a strongly performing WordPress website in terms of speed?

Select a Great Host

You need to choose the best web host that you can when it comes to your WordPress website. It will have an impact on the speed and performance of your entire site. Don’t be suckered in by offers of cheap or free hosting – you want to make sure that any host is up to the standard you need to get a quick site.

Select a Great Theme

Not all WordPress themes are up to the standard that we like to see here at Elementary Digital. Many are well built and sublimely coded, but others have lots of bulky extraneous code which doesn’t need to be there under the guide of having it all or being ‘truly versatile’.

Check out the theme’s demo for page speed. Try a tool like Pingdom to see how quick the load times really are.

Use a Content Delivery Network

A CDN can really improve the speed of your site. With files hosted on local servers around the world, it means that server loads are reduced and content is delivered from the nearest place geographically, reducing load times.

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