Make the most of PPC in 2013


New marketing trends will give your company great potential for growth and new opportunities. Keeping up to date with new trends in Pay Per Click (PPC) is no different. Here are a few tips to keep your company in the loop.

With the increasing popularity of smart phones people now access the internet more frequently using their hand sets. Assess user behavior, visits and transactions to see if mobile PPC is right for you, then become involved and take advantage of this by implementing mobile ad extensions, display banners and tweaking conversion rates from mobiles.

Microconversions can be a valuable asset to your site and are popular with successful companies. These goals will help visitors build relationships with your site which will also help increase conversion.

Use YouTube to create video ads, where you can redirect users to your site. Use Google Adwords and click the ‘All video campaigns’ button to access YouTube video advertising. Incorporate video into your current strategy making sure your content appeals to your target audience.

Dynamically generated ads will improve your site if you have a specific campaign and keyword structure, template ads to work across products and landing pages that enable you to match up dynamic content. Things like sitelinks and DKI will help make your ads more relevant and help you make a better connection with customers.

Using Dynamic Display Ads with Goggles Ad Builder and Merchant Centre will enable you to create ads which will appeal to your target, which is especially good for display advertisers. You can also match up relevant searches from your sites ads using Dynamic Search Ads.

Impulse shoppers are in decline as consumers are starting to make decisions before going online, giving search a pivotal role in reach and consideration. However, not all businesses have adjusted to this change.

Big influences in PPC include local searches, reviews and coupons which can all be implemented and expanded.


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