Magento Integration – It’s More Than Order Synchronisation

Magento Integration – It’s More Than Order Synchronisation


The digital age we live in has provided online retailers with an increased opportunity to accelerate sales opportunities. This is achieved by allowing customers to access their favourite brands 24/7, 365 days a year. One of the key advantages of providing shopping flexibility to a wider target audience is that it can generate more sales. However, there is also a downside which is often overlooked.

Someone has to manually process each order which consumes time and is prone to errors. More sales amplify the pressures placed on business systems and employees which can result in misplaced orders, data entry errors and time delays in order fulfilment.

It’s quite likely that during busy periods your employees are having trouble keeping up with incoming sales orders. A time-starved employee has to manually print orders from your Magento store, re-type the data into your ERP or accounting system and then place the order with a selected courier service. It’s not just the processing of incoming orders that contain manual administration tasks – product information also needs to be updated between business software, inventory levels need to be checked and reports need to be generated. Unfortunately, order processing is an added cost that is often overlooked.

It’s More Than the Synchronisation of Orders


Including business software in an environment where it is empowered with enhanced functionality to integrate and synchronise their distinct information sets ensures that each platform is used to its maximum capability. The advantage is streamlined business processes and improved company performance.

Every business is unique, and as a consequence the order management process extends much further than the initial Magento ERP integration and the synchronisation of sales orders. An initial synchronisation of orders merely pushes repetitive, employee administration down the line. Having the ability to include workflow authorisations and adding stock level and delivery notifications and report automation functionality can prove to be a more cost effective solution.

Integrating Magento with your business systems ensures that sales orders move seamlessly from your website to your warehouse in minutes without any manual employee intervention and repetitive bi-directional data entry. Including workflow, advanced notifications and automated reporting with your Magento solution and your SAP, Sage, Microsoft, Access, industry specific or bespoke system can make your business software work for you. By adding this enhanced functionality you can provide your business with a fully automated business solution to streamline practically any business process.

Simply put, enhanced Magento integration will result in:

  • Significant reduction in order to dispatch times
  • Removal of repetitive bi-directional data entry and any associated human errors
  • Reduced operational costs and reduction of seasonal employees
  • Improved customer communications
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

Automating extended order management processes

Adding workflow and advanced business notifications and alerts enhances your web store’s order management processes. Here are some of the most common order management processes that can be automated:

  • Synchronisation of sales orders including telephone and offline methods between systems
  • Automatic transfer of online payment details including transaction ID’s to your ERP system
  • Real-time placement of an order with selected courier service (Parcelforce, DPD, Interlink Express, FedEx etc.)
  • Automatic updating of an eCommerce application when a ‘complete’ or ‘shipped’ status is created within an ERP system
  • Automatic creation and distribution of PO requisitions when an order depletes stock levels below agreed levels
  • Purchase Order workflow authorisations (Single or multi-level)
  • Real-time inventory level and reorder point notifications via email or SMS
  • Personalised automatic creation and distribution of marketing communications based on order history
  • Automated customer registration communications

The solution

Magento integration with your ERP system and other business applications provides the opportunity to turn your online store into an efficient and cost productive business solution. The hard part for many SMEs is finding the right solution. Utilising TaskCentre’s code-free drag and drop integration tools enables anyone with a basic understanding of your business’s database structures to easily build business process automation tasks – reducing bespoke development costs.

  • No hard coding
  • No programming
  • Fully customisable to suit your exact business requirements

Magento integration – it’s more than order synchronisation. What would you like to automate?


Written by Simon, the Social Media Manager at Orbis Software Ltd, authors of the business process automation and application integration platform TaskCentre.