$ 99

Per Month
  • Network Uptime Guarantee
  • DNS Management
  • Cisco ASA Firewall
  • Priority Support
  • Reliable Hosting Network
  • ISO-Accredited UK Data Centres
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Magento HostingStable, secure, scalable

$ 99

Per Month

Magento Test Framework

$ 99

Per Month
  • Average time to complete session
  • Max time to complete session
  • Average page load times
  • Max page load times
  • Total connection errors
  • Total http errors
  • Total time to complete test
  • Total pages served without error

Standard Server

$ 99

Per Month
  • 12 mins
  • 18.5 mins
  • 35 seconds
  • 56 seconds
  • 2557
  • 1974
  • 28 mins
  • 21511

Elementary Digital ServerSTABLE, SECURE, SCALABLE

$ 99

Per Month
  • 58 seconds
  • 1.3 minutes
  • 0.24 seconds
  • 0.38 seconds
  • 0
  • 0
  • 15 minutes
  • 67,838

Stress Free Magento Hosting

Take away the stress of finding the right setup for Magento. We’ll ensure you get the server specifications and configuration you require and if you add in our Magento Support we can offer a superior support experience if things go wrong.

Secure and Reliable

We’ll configure the server to be secure according to industry standards, allowing you peace of mind for processing card payments and storing customer details privately. We’ll also ensure downtime is minimised and get you back on your feet promptly after any issues.

Built For Speed

By using hosting tailored for Magento you can improve the speed and responsiveness of your ecommerce store, which improves the overall customer experience which improves sales!

Every Little Helps

Whilst you may not be Amazon (yet), each 100ms of speed improvements made will have a similar beneficial effect to your sales. You can’t afford to go ‘off the shelf’ on this!

Fast, secure, scalable Magento hosting, call: 0113 254 9836