Magento Go closes soon – are you ready?

Magento Go closes soon – are you ready?


Magento Go is closing shortly and the world of ecommerce has been talking about it non-stop. Go has been the go-to choice for smaller businesses due to its cost effectiveness and its user-friendly platform. So what are small business owners to do?

A Brief History of Magneto Go

Magento Go was launched back in 2011. It’s a cloud-based platform with varying levels of service depending on the size of your online store. When eBay bought the brand, they hoped that Go would prove to be a popular tool for its users on eBay. However, with many options to choose from including BigCommerce and Shopify, there is just too much competition for not enough payout. This is why the parent company has decided to go back and focus on its key differentiators and propositions, namely Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. However, that still leaves 10,000 users out in the cold.

There were a number of complaints about Magento Go which mean that many people won’t be too upset to see the back of it. Magento Go was much less free than other version, with the software-as-a-service platform removing some of the open source principles that it was known for. Likewise, it was overly complex for those with little to no knowledge about a CMS, and too limiting for those with more knowledge.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other options out there for retailers who are looking for a new solution to the ecommerce platform headaches. However, if this is you and you are still dilly-dallying, you had better be quick about it. As of February 1st, Magento Go will close its doors forever. You had better be ready.

We can help you if you are currently use Magento Go and haven’t made the switch to a new platform. Get in touch today.

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