Magento Agency or Freelancer?

Magento Agency or Freelancer?


Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms – which is why there are lots of developers out there trying to get to grips with the complexities of the sales platform. It is used by over 150,000 websites including Nike, North Face and Samsung and has a market share of 31%.

Both agencies and freelancers are available to you if you are looking at setting up your own Magento store. But which one should you choose?


A freelancer has flexibility and some can start work on your project straight away, which is good if you want to get building your site as soon as possible. But wait… Why do they have so much free time? Make sure that you take a look at their experience before you make a hasty decision about your store. A freelancer should have a busy work schedule if they’re good.

Speak to others with a Magento store about who they used for their sites to get an idea of who’s out there and who’s good. You should always check the portfolio of anyone you work with and ask to speak to clients of theirs to ensure that clients are happy with the work and the ongoing support.


A dedicated agency doesn’t just have a developer or designer. There’s a whole team of experts who can help you with your complete Magento strategy.

Building an e-commerce store isn’t just about getting the pages up on the web: you’ve got to think about how you will get noticed on Google, how to write your product descriptions, what images to use, what plugins are the best… the list goes on and on and working with a whole team of people who understand the platform inside and out will give you a much better chance of success.

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