Why You Should Love Magento


Magento is continuing to grow in popularity as the platform of choice for hosting ecommerce websites. With over 150,00 merchants on Magento worldwide, the Ebay owned system is evolving and improving with customer and user requirements. At Elementary Digital, we love Magento, and have put together a few key reasons why you should love Magento too.

1. Integrate your Google Analytics: Tracking your visitors journey throughout your website is essential to determining your ROI. The integration with Google Analytics allows you to track visitors to your site, how long people spend browsing and searching around your website, which adverts are driving them to the site and much more. This allows you to build up a full picture of your customers and their habits – an extremely valuable tool for future marketing.
2. Cross-sell products: Customers like options and like a company to be personalised to them. If they click on one product, they like to be shown suggestions for similar products. This also allows you to potentially increase your income, as the customer is already in the process of purchasing from you, could be persuaded to purchase additional products. Suggesting products that buyers regularly buy together could be a huge advantage!
3. Stock control: You’re able to show the availability of products, and save getting caught out by customers!
4. One checkout: Checkout is quick and simple, no registration section, jus a simple one-page checkout to allow for a simple, smooth transaction – encouraging positive word of mouth!
5. Integrated Management System: Your products are all easily controlled by the click of a button, customising to your brand and enabling your website to be as bespoke as your like.
6. Discount codes: Occasional discount codes can be set up during quieter times to encourage sales, and are easily implemented through Magento.
7. Detailed customer accounts: Your customer accounts offer order status, order history and address book facility making their purchases simpler and easier, encouraging them to return to the website.
8. Search engine friendly: Magento uses search friendly URL’s to help rank naturally higher on search engine results. Your visibility is optimised with Magento using a Google sitemap.
9. Evaluation: The platform allows you to evaluate various aspects of your website, including ‘most purchased products’, ‘most viewed products’ and highlighting at what stage people are most likely to ‘abandon’ their shopping basket – allowing you to make changes and further meet your customer needs.
10. Images: Customers are able to see multiple images of products, zoom in and twist images around helping for a more informed purchasing decision – and letting you show off your products!