Local Search

There’s a whole world of opportunities on your doorstep waiting to be found for local search, but your website is no where for local keywords and you’re completely overlooked, sound familiar?

Local Search Marketing

There’s no hiding when you search for a local service, product or anything else you’re shown a set of results which give preference to businesses and organisation within your vicinity. This is called ‘Local Search’ and search engines continue to develop how they can serve results which are relevant to you and your location. A further influence on local searching has been the rapid growth of mobile phones in recent years, people now want information based on their real-time locations meaning the offices, the home and the weekend away.

At Elementary Digital we adopt a local search blueprint that outlines the criteria needed for your company to be found on searches for your brand, services and products. Using a simple formula working across your website, presence and social channels we have worked some impressive results for our clients. By improving the local equity of a clients website we have made it more obvious that they exist and they’re open for business. Perhaps the easiest audience to target and then service, local search is often forgotten and overlooked.

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