Local Search Ranking Factors in Yorkshire


We live in a very global world where the chair you’re most likely sitting on has come from China, the computer you’re using is from America and it’s likely the mineral water your drinking is from France! However when it comes to search Google loves to serve ‘Local’ search results and provide people with details of businesses, services and websites that are based within their vicinity. For businesses this offers frustrations in that they could be limited to an audience that they already serve. However for businesses in Yorkshire local search can offer a real opportunity. Elementary Digital work with a number of small to medium size companies in Yorkshire who have no ambitions beyond serving the local community and Google’s local search delivers them with scope to increase their customer base. However before your signing up for Google Places there are a few things you need to know in the form of local ranking factors:

  • Place page signals – this refers to your Google places listing being accurate with optimised categories then relating this to your site with keywords in titles, the proximity of the businesses address in relationship to a search. In other words make sure that everything aligns, from your places listing to your website clearly demonstrate you are who you say you are and your digital assets prove that
  • On-page signals – authority of your businesses domain, keyword in the titles and the presence of your business details (the address, name and registration details) plus contact information
  • External location signals – using business directories to provide clarification you are who you say you are and the details match up
  • Link signals – ensuring that you have at best local links or UK based links will provide good context to Google
  • Reviews – having good quality, diverse reviews across a broad spectrum of people
  • Social – social counters (bookmarks) such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter help influence local search
  • Mobile search – having a website that is structured for mobiles and people actively clicking through when searches are performed on the move.

These are just a small amount of the local ranking factors we consider when helping our clients improve their local presence. Speak with Elementary Digital to find out more about local search and developing your search results.