Latest Developments in Search – 7th November 2014


Another busy week in search as the local weather turns increasingly dark and cold and the run up to Christmas begins in earnest.

This past week there’s been more chatter on the Matt Cutts front as his leave is extended into 2015. It makes it look less likely that he’ll return – at least in the same capacity. Does it matter? Many, rightly or wrongly, are glad to see him go and I suspect he’s happy to be less of a target for the frustrations of SEOs! The team has carried on fighting web spam and rolling out Penguin, Panda and Pirate with Cutts saying they’re ‘doing a top-notch job’. There now seems to be less of a focus on one central figure.

Search Engine Watch reports that Mobile Ad Spend has rocketed as mobile search volumes continue to rise. This is a timely reminder to look at your mobile site experience – is the new mobile usability report populated yet in your webmaster tools? If so, start looking to make these improvements – mobile will continue to rise in the near to mid-term future.

Over in Europe, publishers continue to fight Google. German publisher Axel Springer had opted out of rich snippets due to its position that Google should be paying for their content. Unfortunately for them doing so resulted in an 80% drop in traffic. For now they’re looking to opt back in, but the issue rumbles on in Germany and all across Europe. Eventually there may be an overall EU ruling and it would be interesting to see what affect such a move has.

On the lighter side of things we have a couple of fun updates for you. The (long-awaited?) sequel to Donkey Cutts is out now! Inspired by 80s game Chuckie Egg, in Chuckie Links you can pick to play as an SEO hero. Choices include Rand Fishkin, Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz and more! Collect and remove the bad links before Penguin comes along!

On Google+ we see that “Pegman” has gotten involved in Movember:


pegman movember


However he doesn’t seem to have made it far into Movember, if you go to Maps now he is his usual clean-shaven self.

What’s caught your eye in search lately? Let us know in the comments!