Latest Developments in Search – 29th August 2014


Here’s what’s been going on this week in the world of Search.

Let’s dive straight in with the death of Authorship. That’s it – it’s done, it’s over! It has ceased to be. Search Engine Land has taken an in-depth look at the history of authorship and the reasons behind its decline. The question is – with the removal of even the testing section in webmaster tools – should you yank out your markup immediately? Well, no. Authorship may play a role in the future of search yet so if it’s there already, keep it so. However I would recommend that you no longer prioritise spending time implementing this for clients as such.

The Penguin 3.0 rumour mill continues apace. There’s nothing solid as of yet, but we’re keeping an eye out. What should you do to prepare? I would suggest you keep an eye on your overall link profile and if you’re currently cleaning it up you should probably increase those efforts at this time.

As we covered earlier in the week, Google Image search suffered from a rather odd bug that meant all searches returned images of a car crash or an NBA star. It’s since been cleared up but as yet we’re no closer to getting to the bottom of why it happened.

In the category of bemusing news we also hear that Google is toying with different colours of results stars. What’s wrong with yellow?

On the amusing side of things the internet has picked up on this Czech warning sign. If you urinate on a roadside, rather than being fined, they threaten to post the footage to YouTube!


What news has caught your eyes this week? Let us know in the comments. Will we see Penguin launched today? Next week? Next month? Let us know your thoughts on this too and what you’re doing to prepare.