Latest Developments in Search – 20th March 2015

Latest Developments in Search – 20th March 2015


It’s time to take a look at some of the latest developments in search.

Despite a strong start covered in the first few stories on this issue, Yahoo has now started to lose some ground to Google over US Firefox users. Search Engine Land reports on this here and on some Googles latest tactics here, as pictured below:


Benzinga reports that a group of media outlets have teamed up to form their own advertising alliance, which they are calling ‘Pangea’ after the name for the single land mass that existed on earth millions of years ago. I personally find it quite funny that some of these outlets include print media and they decide to use a name that evokes dinosaurs! Of course that’s not to say it won’t work well for them, I just don’t think it will dent the big names listed in the article too much – Twitter, Facebook, Google & LinkedIn.

Barry Schwartz says he is detecting increased Google Update Chatter. We see these reports quite often on Search Engine Roundtable, so whilst it’s worth paying attention to we suggest waiting on further information in due course. We are about due one (or two potentially!) – watch this space.

We learnt this week that Google came closer to getting a lawsuit from the FTC in America than we’d previously thought. Gizmodo reports here on leaked documents that discuss a group within the FTC that wanted to push for further action. Perhaps the overall verdict was motivated by wanting to avoid what happened with Microsoft’s antitrust case, which dragged on for ages (it could well still be ongoing!).

There’s also significant interest in how big the effect of the Google Mobile Friendly update will be. An article on Business 2 Community talks about the potential for it to be bigger than Penguin or Panda. Either way, it’s very important for most (all?) site owners to get their heads round mobile issues before April 21st when this update is due to go live. If you still don’t serve something specially tailored for your mobile visitors you should be considering it top of your priorities now.

That’s us for this week. What’s caught your attention in search news this week? Let us know in the comments.