Latest Developments in Search – 12th September 2014



At the end of another busy week, let’s take a look at the recent developments in search.

In the week in which we saw shiny new Apple gear materialise, SEOs wanted to know what could be the impact on local search? These new watches will apparently allow users to get around based on haptic feedback for direction instructions. Could help to stop people from walking into things!

We also got a rather interesting update on ranking refreshes. For me, having this information confirmed is one of the most important announcements I’ve heard recently. It means you can be confident that if you identify and fix a problem you’re not waiting on a Google update to see your situation improve.

Speaking of penguin, there have been more penguin rumours (again). We’re told on Search Engine Land that John Mueller said it will ‘happen within the 2014 year’ and ‘we will have something in the reasonable future’. Google only knows what kind of time frame you could put on ‘reasonable future’. Perhaps it will neatly drop into our laps in the midst of the Christmas push? It’s happened before!

Whilst we’re on the subject of that wonderful zoo of Google algorithms, this week I discovered a tool that could be very useful for a lot of SEOs. Fruition’s Google penalty checker tool claims that by using your traffic levels, a record of many major (and minor) algorithm updates and some secret sauce statistical analysis, they can provide you with a report detailing the likely impact of updates. My initial tests look promising and I think it’s certainly worth trialling it for free.

And finally, some eagle-eyed SEO spotted that Google was blocking its own bot from indexing their results pages. Had they not done this surely it would have resulted in some dangerous inception-like results within results within results?


Let us know what news caught your attention and have a great weekend everybody!