Latest Developments in Search – Friday 27th March

Latest Developments in Search – Friday 27th March


It’s time to take a look over the latest stories and news in search and marketing.

Over at Search Engine Round table, Barry Schwartz has picked up on forum chatter from disgruntled adwords users. Apparently a lot of people have seen dramatic declines in their quality scores. Drops of 3-4 are huge for quality scores and people are understandably annoyed and worried.

Once you’ve dealt with that problem you have a new opportunity to boost your conversions – Google has expanded product ratings for product listing ads. This started in the US last year and has proved successful so is now expanding into Europe, with initial availability in the UK, France & Germany. If you’re interested in setting this up for your company please get in touch with us – our PPC expert Carl is very excited about the potential this has for our clients!

A group of Safari users have won the right to sue Google over claims that the advertising giant ignored some do not track settings in order to deliver targeted advertising. This has the potential to be a huge case – it could easily be spread by social media and so may allow many UK Safari users to get involved. We’ll keep you posted as this develops.

Finally I’d like to share this article from Marketing magazine, featuring inspiring comments from the man in charge of marketing at John Lewis, Craig Inglis. It’s well worth a read and a think of whether you can better apply the principles of authenticity to your campaigns.

That’s it for this week – what’s caught your attention this week? Share with us in the comments!


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