Latest Developments in Search – 29th May

Latest Developments in Search – 29th May

Jem Henderson

It’s time for a round up of the latest developments in digital marketing.

In local search news, Search Engine Land covered the story that according to Google, “Near Me” searches have doubled this year. If you are business operating in specific physical locations this story has two major takeaways – ensure your local search optimisation is working for you and make sure your website offers a good mobile experience.

Moz wrote an excellent guide on how to analyse server logs for SEO. It’s well worth a read, but if you’re inexperienced please talk to someone in development or ops – or your hosting company – so that you don’t accidentally break something!

PPC Hero called the new Google buy button a “game changer”. Conversion optimisation is partly about streamlining the process to buy – reduce steps and removing barriers. This does this in a bold new way – by optimising the retailer’s site out of the equation! Our PPC team is very keen to try this feature out for our clients. We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Google what happened to the dinosaurs - creationist answer box

We covered the latest Google Fail, where a creationist answer to the question “what happened to the dinosaurs?” was provided by the search engine in the form of one of its answer boxes. Search Engine Roundtable has today covered another one – which includes some slightly NSFW cures to having the hiccups. Whilst I’m sure they’re working to tune out this kind of nonsense it’s at least amusing (you know, when it’s not wildly racist). I can’t help but feel someone should do a website that compiles all of these.

So that’s it for this week. What’s caught your eye in SEO/marketing news? Let us know in the comments!