Latest Developments in Search – 10th October 2014


It’s been another busy week so let’s dive right into the latest news in the world of search!

After covering the demise of the Yahoo! directory in last week’s round up, this week we brought you news of the death of PageRank. PageRank was once everything you looked for in a link (well, outside of simple placing any link, anywhere at volume). I’m sure you remember seeing them all over the old directory sites (outside of link removals you’d best not still be looking at them!).

We’ve seen that Google has been experimenting with all kinds of information snippets in the search results for a while now, via the knowledge graph (which we saw go slightly awry for Greggs a few weeks ago). Bing has now fired back with full song lyrics in displayed on the results page, Search Engine Watch reports.

This seems quite handy to me (except, as the article states, where multiple songs have the same name). A lot of the lyric sites that rank highly look rather spammy or carry dubious advertising and some of them have a chequered SEO history to say the least, I recall a popular hip-hop lyrics site getting rapped back in January (Yes even by my standards that’s a rather poor pun).

Penguin rumours continue apace – this time with something a little more solid behind them. Google’s Gary Illyes says it may be released next week. Unfortunately that’s as certain as we can be for now. You know the drill – first comes the forum chatter, then the SEO blogs try and apply some reasonable analysis of recent changes and then perhaps – if you’re lucky – some sort of acknowledgement from Mountain View.

Search Engine Land have commented on upgrades to Google’s conversational search. There have particularly been improvements for holidaymakers – finding restaurants, making reservations, finding bars etc. What this means for search is again simply to be on top of your local SEO so that your address is covered by a decent quantity of quality citations. You also want to do anything that can integrate bookings or orders with the system. The article specifically mentions OpenTable. In their scenario, if Google is finding you local restaurants and they use this system you can choose to have your reservation completed automatically. If someone was choosing between two equally attractive places to go, supporting a feature like that might just help your business clinch their business!


So what’s next? All eyes are – still – on Penguin. Maybe it will be next week, maybe not! As ever, we will bring you this story as and when it rolls out.


Over to you, what’s caught your eye this week?