Key trends for Online Marketing in 2014

With SEO ever adapting, businesses have to continue to develop and adapt to keep up with the methodology. Content, website design and SEO trends have to reflect the changes Google makes with its algorithms. Businesses need to set an appropriate budget to address key 2014 trends effectively:


Google look at giving greater weight to any sources that are seen as particularly authoritative and moderating content in order to offer their users a quality web browsing experience. In order to become a recognised authority in your particularly area, Google Plus allows user to create a digital signature, linking your name to quality content. This makes it easier for you to be cited as an authority, adds credibility to your content and in turn, increase your SEO rankings.

Content Marketing 

Content was king of 2013, and it looks like this will continue onto 2014. It’s vital your SEO strategy contains some element of content marketing. It can be difficult for a business to create enough content for your website, and many companies now look to outsourcing their SEO writing.

Content Variety

Interesting articles and popular blog posts are no longer enough for Google. Their ‘rich content’ definition now contains:

–       Graphics

–       Diagrams

–       Very well written articles

–       High quality videos

–       Tutorials or ‘how to’ pieces

Mobile Use

In order to have a successful presence online, having a mobile website is becoming a minimum requirement. Enhancing this further, business are realising that to succeed online their website has be compatible with laptops, small tablets and the latest hybrid tablets. Optimised local search results can be achieved through effective use of SEO for smartphones and tablets.

Quality Links

Google has stated that links form poor quality websites no longer hold any value. Link building strategies for 2014 require a great deal more planning and outreach. It is all about building links to quality content, and shortcuts are no longer viable. 

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