Isn’t WordPress Brilliant!


Ok so we’re completely biased as we develop in WordPress and have an unhealthy obsession with it, but beyond our twisted secret love we get direct feedback from our clients about how brilliant it is so we thought we’d share some of their thoughts with you. Some reasons why WordPress websites are brill:

1. Same day delivery – a common piece of positive feedback is the speed at which website updates/tweaks can be done, this includes big changes to functionality. Adopting a plug-in driven framework and with a development community of millions when our clients have a requirement we often find it takes us minutes to find a solution and then a couple of hours to roll it out…no limitations of a bespoke system here!

2. It’s a template Jim but not as we know it – fancy a re-fresh? No expensive re-work’s, a bit of configuration work, port of content and you’re done. The ability to refresh your sites design means our clients can have a completely new look within days. Also, particular good from a conversion point of view, if your site is failing you can adapt time and time again or until it converts!

3. It’s not a blogging system – but it does have the ease of adding blog content throughout. Adopting one common management system throughout our clients can take the reigns within minutes, we tend to say, ‘if you can use Word, you can use WordPress’ (classic, but true!).

4. Simple the best (for seo) – nothing to prove this, your just going to have to take our word for it. We have launched and manage 100’s of WordPress sites, all of which perform well in search (as long as their built properly). Plus, with plugins like SEO Yoast, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do from a search perspective.

5. Support community – WordPress has approximately 65 million installs and counting throughout the world. If for any reason you grow tired of your current developer/agency then you can pick up your website and move on to another WordPress developer (choose us!).

Anyway we love WordPress and we’re very proud to be 100% a WordPress Agency (and a Magento as well…for good measure).


Author Gyles Seward

Gyles is our Managing Director and knowledgeable in all things WordPress.

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