Is It Really Still Worth Buying Followers on Social Media?

Is It Really Still Worth Buying Followers on Social Media?

If you’re desperate to increase your Twitter following, the prospect of buying 10,000 followers for £10 seems appealing, right?! Imagine what you could achieve with that larger audience, and how that exposure might catapult your conversions. But as most of us will already be aware, if the proposition seems too good to be true, it often is!

Unfortunately, when it comes to building your social media presence there’s very few short cuts. Although you’ll often be promised the earth by these sketchy marketing providers, the results will always disappoint.

Paying for fake accounts

The problem with these ‘fly-by-night’ companies are the unscrupulous tactics used to source the Twitter followers. Don’t be fooled, you’re not actually paying for ‘10,000 genuine users’ who are active on Twitter. These accounts are often generated using spam led approaches and bots.

Don’t be surprised to find all these new followers without a profile pic – instead the bog-standard avatar given to any Twitter user that doesn’t upload in image.

Of course, these will boost the appearance of your account, but that’s just about all they’ll do. Don’t expect any additional retweets, click-throughs to your content or any engagement whatsoever. And that’s not the worst part. These accounts may be active one day and gone the next. Even though the investment was small, it’s still wasted money if you’ve got nothing to show for it.

Buying Twitter followers legitimately

Purchasing from those companies which deliver a massive quantity of followers all at once is clearly unreliable for the reasons explained above. Not only is it worthless, this can also affect your credibility as an organisation. Having hundreds of accounts following you with avatar profile pics doesn’t exactly instil confidence in you real audience.

But there are ways to legitimately increase your following whilst being affordable even for the start up. The answer is ‘Twitter Ads’ which allows for a much best quality of follower.

There’s two methods to choose from including ‘Promoted Tweets’ or ‘Promoted Accounts’. Both are surprisingly effective as they can be tailored to very specific target markets. It means that any follower you do manage to entice is likely to already be interested in whatever your marketing.

In order to get started, try targeting those users who are already following your main competitors. It’s a good way to hone in on a potentially lucrative audience, and it’s easy to set up.

Be patient!

As mentioned before though, most of your followers won’t come easy. Patience is required along with plenty of effort and time. A solid schedule of multiple Tweets throughout the day, with engaging fresh content will gradually build your followers from the ground upwards. It may seem more labour intensive than buying 10,000 users in one go, but as with most web marketing practices, your efforts should be rewarded in the long run.

Next time you’re considering paying for Twitter followers, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day!