Integrating Sage’s Single-Click Purchase functionality in Magento

Integrating Sage’s Single-Click Purchase functionality in Magento


Sage Pay offers a token system to make the checkout process easier for customers of your Magento store.

This system allows users to register their card on your e-commerce website for future purchases. Users can simply login to your site and select the card they wish to use for purchase – making the process even simpler for them when they come back to your site.

How does the Sage Pay Token system work?

The token system works whether you are using the server method of integration or the direct method. Either way, a shopper can register their card on the Sage Pay system and then this card is saved for future purchases.

The token can either be registered upfront or can be done off the back of a transaction, saving the details for future purchases. All of the card details are stored on Sage Pay’s secure system and a token is stored on yours. This token is then sent when the next purchase is performed and the customer doesn’t have to fill all their details out again. Instead, customers will only need to enter the CV2 number from the back of the card to confirm their payment details.

The token system helps you retain customers, allowing single click checkout – making the process smoother and ensuring security as card details are stored by Sage Pay.

Integrate Sage Pay Suite Pro with your Magento Store

Sage Pay promote their integration package which includes multiple payment options and gives you the ability to give refunds, void items and conduct repeat payments from your Magento store. You can find the Sage Pay Suite Pro here.


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