Increasing Dwell Time on a WordPress Website

Increasing Dwell Time on a WordPress Website

Andy Holland

When it comes to search engine optimisation, it is all too often that the dwell time is neglected. This is normally due to people spending more time trying to get people to their site, rather than looking into how they can also keep them there. The dwell time can be a great indicator of overall user experience and this something that search engines will take into consideration.

Here, we will take a look at what exactly dwell time is, its importance and how you can increase it.

The Importance of Dwell Time

Firstly, let’s take a look at what the dwell time actually is and why it is so important. The term essentially refers to the time that a user spends on a website from the time they click on it, to the time that they leave. Search engines take this into consideration as a site that people are spending longer no normally indicates that this is a place where people are finding the information that they are looking for. This metric lets them know how satisfied the customer is with your website! Search engines will then rank your page higher and this can then lead to more conversions. Furthermore, a site that does not retain visitors well will be demoted.

Now that we know the importance of dwell time, it is time to implement action on your website. The two ways you can do this are by providing a great user experience and by creating engaging, unique, valuable and relevant content.

Create A Good First Impression

When people first land on your site, their first impression of it will determine whether or not they stay or leave. This decision happens in milliseconds, so you won’t normally get a second chance!

  • Loading Speed – Your site will need to load in under three seconds as figures show over 40% of users will abandon a site after this time.
  • Design – You site should be clear with simple backgrounds and easy to read fonts.
  • Mobile optimised – Ensure your site is mobile optimised
  • Ads and Popups – Make sure they don’t interfere with the user experience, otherwise, your site will be penalised by Google

Look at User Needs

To increase dwell time, you need to ensure that you re fulfilling user needs. This can be through market research, long-form content, keeping content up to date and responding to questions and answers. You should also ensure that you are targeting the right keywords to encourage the right visitors to your site.

Plugins such as Yoast can help make your website more readable. You should be looking at the structure of your text, use clear headlines, ensure text is easy to read and make sure that it is enjoyable to read.

Internal Links

You can easily increase dwell time by adding internal links to your website as this will keep people on your page. You can also include a widget to the side with your latest posts!

Implement these tips into your website and watch your dwell time massively increase!