Increase Your WordPress Site Speed for 2018

Increase Your WordPress Site Speed for 2018

Andy Holland

Now, more than ever, site speed is incredibly important. So important in fact, it can determine the success of your website. Studies show that if your site is taking more than four seconds to load, 25% of users will simply leave the page. What’s more, delays of just one second have been shown to relate to fewer page views, decreased conversion rates and bigger bounce rates. If you own an ecommerce site, site speed is vital to prevent high shopping cart abandonment rates. You also cannot forget about mobile too! With roughly half of sales made through mobile, you site speed needs to be as quick as it possibly can.

Below, you can find amazing performance tricks that will help to massively increase your site speed.

Run a Site Speed Diagnosis

One of the first things that you should do is run a site speed diagnosis. This is an informative way to test the front-end site speed quickly. What’s great about this kind of tool is that it will provide you with specific steps to improve your site speed, rather than just giving you generic advice. Just a few tools you can use for this are Page Performance, WebPageTest and WP Engine’s Speed Tool.

Compress Images

A really easy way in which you can improve your site speed is by ensuring that your images are compressed. Far too often, site images are oversized and they can account for 62% of a website’s total load time! When images are manually resized by JavaScript and HTML, it then means your browser has to work much harder to download these images. Ensure your images are compressed for speed site loading!

Remove Comments

A common cause of slow site speed is through an overload of comments. This is normally caused by spam and bots, who can place thousands of comments on your site. To overcome this issue, you can either turn your comments off or you can add a Captcha form. The Captcha form will ensure that all comments left are by real people and will filter out bots. However, if you do have lots of real customer comments being left on your site, then you will want to prevent slow site speed by breaking these comments into different pages.

Choose A Responsive Theme

What many businesses love about using WordPress is that there are a plethora of amazing themes to choose from. Many of them will also be mobile compatible and completely free to use! WordPress is fantastic in that it will manage many mobile aspects such as picking the right image size for the right device. If the WordPress theme you are currently using does not have a responsive design then you may need to think about switching to another one. Having a more responsive theme allows for an overall improved user experience with faster loading times. This means you can have exactly the same URL for both desktop and mobile and both will work fantastically well on their respective devices.

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