How to Improve E-commerce Conversion Rates

How to Improve E-commerce Conversion Rates


Running an online store can be difficult, with store owners always looking to improve sales and increase conversions. But what conversion rates should your business be looking for?

The one you should be looking for is the one that is higher than last month’s, or higher than the same time last year. Average rates are between 1-2% across the ecommerce world, but these are averages. Some people’s stores’ rates might be higher, some lower. As long as you are striving for improvement, the number itself actually isn’t vitally important.

What Should You Do To Improve Your Conversion Rates?

High-Quality Images

When looking to purchase something online, the number one draw will be the images. You could hypothetically have a site with no text and just images, but you couldn’t do this the other way round. People want to see what they’re getting before they get it. Make sure you take photos from every angle and in the best light to improve your sales.

Engaging Copy

Your product descriptions matter. Creating a good description of a product isn’t about what you are telling the customer about the product, it is about telling them why they need the product in their lives.

You need two versions, a long and short version. The short version should be a detailed overview; the long version should answer every question that a customer may have. The copy should be laid out in a way that makes it easy to read and turns product features into real life benefits. Don’t just reuse the product maker’s description. Add a human voice to it to tell customers why you personally recommend the product.

Product Videos

Video is looking to be the future of online shopping. You should try it for your products. It’s a clear differentiator between you and your competitors, with video acting as just one step away from a customer being able to touch and feel a product.

Shipping Charges Kill Conversions

Free shipping is the clear winner when it comes to conversions. You can increase your conversions and your profits by choosing to ship for free. You don’t have to do it for small items, but if you offer free shipping on orders over £25 for example, you could see a big jump in the number and the size of the orders that you are getting. By placing the threshold just above your average order value you may also see an increase in this figure. However, you obviously cannot expect to continue to increase the threshold indefinitely!

It’s not about reducing shipping costs, either. Amazon implemented free shipping everywhere apart from France, where it dropped to 20c. Orders went up everywhere except – you guessed it – in France. When France dropped the fee altogether, the orders went up too. Just the tiniest charge had a huge impact on sales numbers.

That is why free is a pretty powerful word in sales. Use it to your advantage. If you can offer something for free as a bonus, then people will keep coming back and buying. It’s as simple as that.

If you do have to charge, mention it straight away and keep it to a flat rate to avoid shoppers getting nasty surprises and abandoning the cart at the checkout.





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